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Visual Programming.
For Developers

Open source, runs in VS Code, integrates with existing TypeScript code, browser and Node.js.

Values sent to `output` will appear here once received.
Fibonacci sequence in Flyde - a recursive flow example.

Flexible and Powerful

Built on a functional-reactive foundation, Flyde enables more than simple input/output flows. It supports everything you'd expect from a textual-based language; recursions, loops and conditionals.

Visualize data flow and view data passing through nodes.

Reason About Programs in New Ways

Unlock new ways to think about, and debug your programs. Have an always-correct diagram of your program.

Flyde’s flow-based, visual approach makes asynchronous and concurrent tasks simpler and intuitive.

Double click on nodes to jump to their implementation.

Open Source and Transparent

In Flyde, nothing is hidden. From node implementation, to runtime code. Easily access the code behind each node in Flyde’s standard library.

Everything needed to run Flyde flows is open-source and MIT licensed.

Flyde flows and TypeScript code live side by side.

Integrates With Existing Workflows. Doesn’t Replace them.

Create Flyde flows right from your IDE. Wrap existing TypeScript code in a Flyde node and use it in your flows. Run flows from existing TypeScript code, from arbitrary CLI scripts, to HTTP request handlers, and even front-end code.

Flows can be version-controlled, and be part CI/CD pipelines, just like regular text-based code.

Use Cases

Simplify Programming For Novice Developers and Non-Developer Technical Roles

Whether you're a junior developer struggling with async operations, a sales engineer needing to prototype with APIs quickly, or a QA engineer setting up backend tests, Flyde is your solution. By converting complex coding tasks into visual, intuitive flows, Flyde saves time and demystifies coding challenges.

Start now by exploring the Playground.

Democratize Innovation by transforming your Codebase into a Low-Code Platform

Open the door to broader team collaboration by integrating Flyde into your codebase. Product managers, data engineers, and other roles can now easily understand, contribute to, and innovate on your project, turning complex business logic into collaborative opportunities.

Learn how to integrate Flyde into existing code here.

A New Way for Educators to Teach Real-World Programming

Flyde presents a unique blend of the functional and reactive programming paradigms, coupled with a visual interface. This positions Flyde as a uniquely valuable tool in the educator's arsenal, complementing more traditional, yet impactful, projects like Scratch and Blockly.

If you’re an educator looking to learn more, please reach out in on Discord.