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Coding, Simplified: Visual Programming with Flyde

Flyde, the AI-assisted visual programming tool for VSCode.
Simplifies the development of APIs, webhooks, and bots.

import {loadFlow} from '@flyde/runtime'; const executeFlow = loadFlow('Greet.flyde'); const {result} = executeFlow(); const {output} = await result; console.log(`Output: ${output}`);
Waiting for the example to run..

Simplified Coding

Flyde's visual interface brings simplicity to coding. Beginners can build complex systems without diving deep into complex syntax or asynchronous and concurrent programming. It's a user-friendly way to code, focusing on the big picture, not the small details.


Flyde integrates with AI to enable users to turn free text into code nodes. Let AI take care of the inner workings, while controlling the bigger picture!

Visual Debugger

Flyde's visual debugger provides real-time feedback, making it easier to understand, track, and fix issues in your software. It highlights active nodes and visually indicates the flow of data, enabling both beginners and experienced developers to quickly identify and resolve problems in their systems.

Seamless Integration

Built to support modern practices, it works seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines, testing frameworks, and version control, enhancing your development process without disrupting established methodologies.

open source


Flyde is an open-source tool, welcoming contributions from developers globally. This fosters continuous updates, fresh ideas, and relevant tools. This spirit of collaboration ensures Flyde constantly evolves to meet developers' needs.

Pre-built Nodes

Boost your development with Flyde's pre-built nodes. Simplify file system interaction, HTTP requests, list manipulation, and string operations. With Flyde, save time, avoid pitfalls, and focus on building your application.