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Installing/Publishing Packages

Installing Flyde packages

Flyde packages are published to npm, and can be installed using the standard npm install command. To install a Flyde package, run the following command: npm install flyde-mypackage or yarn add flyde-mypackage.

Publishing Flyde packages

Flyde leverages the existing npm ecosystem to manage packages. To publish Flyde nodes to npm, you need to add a "flyde.exposes" property to your package.json - an array of globs that will contain Flyde nodes (either code nodes or visual nodes). Additionally, you should make sure that the package name starts with "flyde-", and includes the "flyde" and "flyde-package" keywords in the package.json.

Step 1: Prepare your package

Create a new npm package or use an existing one. Make sure that the package contains the Flyde nodes that you want to publish in a folder called "nodes" or any other folder of your choice. The nodes should be either .flyde, .flyde.js or .flyde.ts files.

"name": "flyde-mypackage",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "My Flyde package",
"dependencies": {
"@flyde/core": "^0.1.0"
"flyde": {
"exposes": [
"keywords": ["flyde", "flyde-package"]

Please note that the above example is using @flyde/core as a dependency, this is mandatory for all Flyde packages, but you can add other dependencies as you see fit.

Step 2: Publish your package

To publish your package, run npm publish or yarn publish. You can also use the --dry-run flag to test your package before publishing it.

Step 3: Install your package

To install your package, run npm install flyde-mypackage or yarn add flyde-mypackage. You can now use the nodes in your Flyde projects.

That's it! You can now publish Flyde packages to npm and install them in your Flyde projects.

If you've built a cool package and would like to be featured on the Flyde website, please let us know here.