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Creating New Code Parts

While Flyde is a great tool for creating flows, sometimes you need to do something that is not possible with the built-in components. Code parts allow you to create custom components using TypeScript or JavaScript. Inside Code parts you can use any library you want.

To create a new code part, you need to:

  1. Create a new file ending with .flyde.ts (or .flyde.js if you prefer JavaScript)
  2. Export an object that adheres to the CodePart interface. Actually, you can return as many code parts as you want from a single file

The .flyde.[j|t]s ending hints the Flyde editor to look for code parts in this file, and suggest them inside the "add part" menu.


Let's say we want create a scraping part that uses Scrape-it. We can create a new file called scrape-it.flyde.ts and add the following code:

import { CodePart } from "@flyde/core";
import scrapeIt from "scrape-it";

export const scrapeItPart: CodePart = {
name: "Scrape It",
description: "Scrapes a website",
inputs: {
url: {
type: "string",
description: "The URL to scrape",
options: {
type: "object",
description: "The options to pass to scrape-it",
outputs: {
data: {
type: "object",
description: "The scraped data",
async fn(inputs) {
const data = await scrapeIt(inputs.url, inputs.options);

return {

Then, you should be able to use it in your flows!